This is getting out of control and it has to stop.
Sooner rather than later.

Censorship is purely unAmerican.
Shadow-banning is purely unethical.

Today we launch–content creators’ alternative links.
We want to shut down

We wish that there was no need for us.
We wish people didn’t just disappear off of social media.

But this isn’t the case.
And the problem is getting worse everyday.

BANNED.townSo, today we launch–a one stop resource for “controversial” content creators contact info. Users can submit their favorite content creators for review and can help build the depository for the whole community. Outside of the Content Creator’s themselves, fans can be experts on who they like, so we are a community driven resource.

The Censors are going to come for someone you like, or maybe even you… What are you going to do about it?


Official Press Release:

Can’t Find Your Favorite Content Creator? New Website Aims to Help
Atlanta, GA – A new internet directory launched this month aims to help people find their favorite Internet content creators that have been banned from popular web sites. Although certain popular creators have been banned from most social media sites (read: Alex Jones), most content creators that have been banned on one platform are still very active on other popular platforms. Now there is a handy depository for content creator’s contact info at

Created by “a guy with a laptop in his kitchen”—who refrains from giving his full name— considers itself nonpartisan and states that they “are conservative in America values which means being liberal with free speech.” The founder continues, “I found it frustrating to not be able to find people who suddenly disappeared and thought that other people may find it frustrating as well” so he decided to create a directory.

Internet users’ reliance on tech giants has grown exponentially over the past few years. As the Web is centralized among the top tech players people often forget that the web is inherently decentralized—users can go DIRECTLY to their favorite content creator’s websites and communicated DIRECTLY with them via newsletters, feeds, and even email, VoIP, and more. If a user wants to find this info, a generic web search will often turn up all kinds of irrelevant or incomplete info (or—even worse—the creator’s site has been suppressed). solves this problem by listing all available (non-personal) contact info for what they call “Infamous Creators” and other content creators.

Visitors are encouraged to submit their favorite creators (or themselves) that have been banned or shadow banned by popular web sites. All entries are reviewed by moderators and doesn’t explicitly host user generated content, so there is no offensive content on the site. However, don’t be surprised to see several controversial people in the directory.’s official statement is “If you think someone’s belief is terrible, please go tell them that because that’s not our job here—actually, it’s our job to help you find their contact info.”

For more information, visit Note: “” is one of those new top-level domains that you might have seen around, like “.shop” or “.hotels”. In this specific instance, you can also access at


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