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  • Ray Gano is a blogger, author, journalist, and is an expert in survival and preparedness who loves knives, swords and such. He is also the founder of Prophezine, which deals with Bible Prophecy and World Events and serves close to 40,000+ (and growing) people world wide with a newsletter, news updates, and website.


    Prophezine: the Newsletter began in 1992 as a ministry of sharing news of interest via e-mail, gradually evolving into an electronic newsletter. This is the “core” of the Prophezine ministry. The newsletter is packed with articles concerning prophecy, end-times events, and world conditions of special interest to Christians, as well as timely newsbytes.


    The Prophezine website is an outgrowth and extension of the newsletter. In fact, the website has become the driving force behind the Prophezine ministry, which includes discussion boards (forums), archived newsletters, News Bites Email List, PZ Survival News, PZ Radio and more!

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4 months ago
Josh Peck's Daily Renegade Banned From Uploading To You Tube via @YouTube