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Dave Rubin2 days ago
Getting off the grid for my first weekend home in 2+ months. Who else dare join me in the real world for 48 long hours? Emma already in chill mode...
Dave Rubin2 days ago
Thread. If you don’t know Nick, he’s an actual journalist doing actual journalism. Hard to believe any still exist, but it’s true!
Dave Rubin2 days ago
I doubt @PeteButtigieg had anything to do with it, but his PR team really dropped the ball. They caved to the progressive outrage mob. That’s what Media Matters, Vox and HuffPo trade in. It’s all they’ve got. ...
Dave Rubin2 days ago
Dave - "I would like a Democrat on my show" Activist writers- "Yikes! Not a good look! Dont do it!" Dave - "These people are nuts" Activist writers - "Waah...
Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin3 days ago

Alternative Headline: “Asians to be Unfairly Punished.”

The Rubin Report5 days ago
Mike Cernovich (documentary filmmaker) joins Dave, m