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Dave Rubin6 hours ago
“Sir, this is a Costco.”
Dave Rubin7 hours ago
My full interview with @RubinReport is now available on YouTube! 😃
Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin8 hours ago

“Excuse me sir this is a Costco.”

Dave Rubin9 hours ago
A post (Feb. 2019) that resonated around the twitterverse & amongst those who care about women’s #sports. THANK YOU @ZubyMusic 🙏 for spotlighting this crazy situation. And THANKS @RubinReport for asking Zuby...
Dave Rubin1 day ago
Just saw the @DowntonAbbey Movie. Every minute was a delightful joy. Of course then get on Twitter and see this drivel from NY Times... cc: @CHSommers
The Rubin Report3 days ago
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Tucker Carlson and gives his thoughts on the emerging scandal surrounding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ...
Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin3 days ago