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Danielprd26 seconds ago
@JoeBiden Joe, you bribed Ukraine with a billion dollars if they stopped the investigation into Hunter. YOU’RE BRAGGING ABOUT IT ON VIDEOTAPE!!! Trump has never even come close to doing anything like this!!! YOU’RE CORRUPT!!!!! #WalkAway
Deb36 seconds ago
“Every day I look in the mirror & see a black woman. I know that I’m black. I don’t need to be reminded constantly that I was a slave.” @ShemekaMichelle Sun 7PM E on YouTube: <br...
AddictedTaU50 seconds ago
Dems are notorious for using children as props for public sentiment. Obama made a promise he had no authority to honor. When the Dems are finished making their point, the young people are no longer useful. Wise up, and <a...