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Blaire White2 hours ago
All Superchats will be responded to live! Include your social media in the message for a follow back live as well. ❤️
Blaire White20 hours ago
I'm sorry but all these Beauty Influencers have the easiest job. All y'all had to do was blend some eyeshadow and collect your millions but you choose to cause WW3 instead.
Blaire White23 hours ago
@GlamLifeGuru He caught you in lies and half truths as well. You all need to shut the fuck up and handle this privately or don't handle it at all.
Blaire White
Blaire White6 days ago

I hit 500,000 subscribers on YouTube!!! You guys have seriously changed my life and even though it's been a short time, I can't really remember what my days were like without you. I love you ❤️
BTW, I wanna do NOTHING but collabs this...

Blaire White
Blaire White1 week ago

NEW VIDEO: The Truth About Trans Women In Sports.
I've never touched this topic, but let's tal