Explore some common questions here and let us know if you have more.

General Questions:


Q: Do you allow [insert big meanie] or someone who believes in [insert horrible belief] in your directory?

A: The purpose of this site is to provide info for mainstream(ish) people who have been censored—not to provide a platform for fringe ideology. Further, this site provides LINKS ON PEOPLE and does not explicitly provide a platform for content, so no hateful content is allowed on this site. If you think someone’s belief is terrible, please go tell them that because that’s not our job here—actually, it’s our job to help you find their contact info.


Q: But doesn’t that mean that this directory endorses [big meanie/horrible belief]?

A: No—no it does not. We fully expect some cringe-worthy entries, but we also reserved the right to refuse business to promote any profiles (or delete any profiles). If you find any abusive/hateful content on this site, please email details to abuse@banned.town.


Q: Are you founded or funded by some [big/evil oligarch] or some [special interest group]?

A: Nope – just a guy with a laptop in his kitchen. Support us here.


Q: You’re kidding, right?

A: No?!! This site took over two months to build (not fulltime) and this type of thing is what I have experience in (i.e., some of it is my day job). It might seem trashy to push the merch all the time, but this site takes a ton of resources…. so, please buy some Merch. 🙂


Q: What's up with the name? I mean, "banned town," really?

A: Hey, all the good domain names were taken. Yes, it’s a little silly, but also kind of memorable, eh? In addition to banned.town, you can also reach us bannedtown.com and bannedcity.com.


Q: Are you a conservative/liberal / is this a conservative/liberal directory?

A: Trick question—we are conservative in America values which means being liberal with free speech. If the question is if we associate with a political party, then the answer is a resounding and absolute NO. The directory hopes to be none-biased, so please submit any content creator who is routinely censored (or shadow banned) of any political persuasion (because we all have different opinions!).


Q: I have a question not answered here.


Profiles / Account Questions

Q: Can I submit another person / where can I submit a profile?

A: Yes! Please submit a *content* creator that has banned or shadow banned for our moderator’s review here. If you are a user and would like to submit yourself, click here. Please note: NO PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION CAN BE SUBMITTED TO THIS PLATFORM.


Q: There is a profile of me and I want it edited/removed!

A: Please consider editing the page to the minimum information that you care to share instead of a complete removal. This helps to prevent someone from re-adding the profile back in to the directory at a later time. If you would still like to have a profile removed, please make sure that you request so as you’re claiming the profile—if you already own the profile, please send an email to support@banned.town.


Q: I have a question not answered here.